What is E-invoice?

According to “Egyptian Tax Authority” decision, all commercial, industrial, and even service facilities was inquired to use direct linking system with “Tax Authority” Via Integrated accounting system which include the following:

  • Supports cloud computing and instant connectivity with Egyptian Tax Authority “ETA” website.
  • Single or integrated system that allows linking with the GPC codes, or even the GS1 codes.
  • Includes electronic signature feature for documents.
  • Available in Arabic and developed by a certified companies in financial and accounting systems.

For more details about E-invoice from “Egyptian Tax Authority” Click here

What is Market control online E-invoice system?

Designed and developed by Softex Software House, to meet the needed requirements of the government’s plan and to be linked directly with the Egyptian Tax Authority portal.

With the ability to connect all departments of any institution to its branches and factories. You can link general accounts, salaries, Personnel Affairs, production and manufacturing departments and its stages, contracting and many different industries with the main ERP system Market Control Online ERP.

Also, your ability to discover new earning chances and control net income through creating cost centers at the facility or factory level. Which increases productivity and labor efficiency.

Connect E-invoice with the ETA Portal

  • Reduce audit procedures with possibility of remote auditing.
  • Issue, review and modify E-invoices when needed.
  • In case of cancellation of the E-invoice, you can issue return invoice easily.
  • No matter how many invoices, market control system allows to upload a group of invoices at once.
  • The system is dedicated to have an electronic end to end connection with taxpayers.
  • Uploading and defining all customers and items for you, and linking their invoices with GS1 or GPC coding systems.
  • Linking the market control online E invoice system with digital identification number (token) and electronic signature of the invoices.
  • Facilitation of tax refund procedures and cancelling traditional audit and reconciliation with companies.
  • Digital document proving transactions of sale of goods and provision of services.
  • Tracking invoice status being accepted or rejected from our system with notifications feature.
  • Market Control Online e invoice system is a scalable and flexible system designed with the ability to be linked with larger suite, or solely and connected directly to the Egyptian Tax Authority “ETA” portal.

Why Softex?

  1. More than +16 years in the Egyptian market.
  2. Iso certified 9001:2015.
  3. Technical support, implementation and Programming teams moreover +100 employees.
  4. Customized solutions according to each facility needs.
  5. Cloud Service protected and secured by Microsoft Azure.
  6. Continuous development of the system to keep updated with the market changes.
  7. Websites and mobile apps development services are available and fully integrated with inventory, financial and accounting systems.
  8. Providing SMS-Campaign services and GPS Tracking system.
  9. More than +1200 project in Egypt and Middle east in Multiple fields.

The Ability to integrate with Larger Suite

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