Fixed Assets

Softex Fixed assets system is an important part of Market Control Online ERP, which is controlling the company owned assets and long-term tangible ones, such as: equipment, cars, offices, and furniture.

It used to measure day-to-day operation to automatically calculate the depreciation rate and to generate income if including machines.

Nevertheless, Companies will be able to track the process well through adjusting entries on the system while using the financial part of the system if needed.


  • Defining the main categories for Assets
  • Adding terms of current fixed assets
  • Identify the beginning balance to start with
  • Define assets data: Purchase date – Depreciation rate – Code – Serial number


  • Assets purchase
  • Entries for assets depreciation
  • Selling fixed assets, with profit / loss
  • Assets diminution


Large number of reports and analytics screens
  • Assets statement
  • Stocking of assets report
  • All fixed assets purchase report
  • Assets overview (Purchase date, depreciation rate, entries, total cost, net value)
  • Fixed assets sold
  • Capital losses or gains through sales process for assets
  • Assets diminution report
  • Depreciation rate report
  • All assets depreciation report
  • In addition, a large group of reports that are too many to mention in this brief description of the system.

Why to choose Market Control ERP?

Well-tested technology with a large community of skilled developers. Versatile ERP system for auto-generating queries and reports. Options for storing and accessing data in a wide variety of formats.

  • Reduce your cost, trace your payments and collect your money.
  • Manage your day to day transaction and sensitive data with ultimate security and consistency.
  • Ensure robustness and efficiency with no more worries about data loss, accidental power failures, or even data theft.
  • Maximum productivity through a very friendly user interface.
  • Deliver success to your business with a full solution based on academic knowledge and real experience.
  • Explore opportunities! Decision making has never been easier with an intelligent reporting engine producing over 1800 managerial level reports.
  • Tailored to match and suit various industry needs.
  • Highly experienced support team delivering guaranteed efficient and timely support.
  • Full control at your finger-tips with no more than a normal computer and internet connection.
  • Shortest on-site Implementation time.

System Videos

Market Control Fixed assets module is a part of the Standard module that works cloud through an internet connection from any place and at any time.

System Features

  • Advanced search tools
  • Multiple reports for monitoring
  • Analytics screens
  • Advanced security and accessibility system
  • Flexibility in attaching company’s logo on documents and scalability sorting info
  • The ability to export all reports to Excel, word, and PDF
  • Sending reports as email from the system
  • The ability to modify, delete, view, and print all system documents
  • Consideration of all Egyptian and international accounting principles and standards
  • 7 System Languages
  • The ability to integrate with larger systems
  • Archive for each user movements, logging in, and logging out on the system
  • A registry of users with backup copies. Every 6 minutes!
  • SQL Enterprise Database secured by Microsoft
  • No need for technical support
  • No need to purchase and update servers / databases
  • Get Automatic software updates
  • Multiple users of the system

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